Red Menace

As the world gets smaller and more connected every day, Cuba remains isolated and repressed, mired in poverty and outdated technology. It’s no wonder that the country is responsible for some of the angriest, most extreme metal on Earth.

Spin, May/June 2012 [PDF]

[Online Link]


3 thoughts on “Red Menace

  1. David,

    My name is Henry Gomez and I’m a contributor to Babalu Blog, the most widely read English language blog about Cuba and Cuban-Americans. I just wrote a post about your excellent article in SPIN. I want to congratulate you for doing what the Associate Press, The New York Times, ABC News, CNN, NBC News, Reuters and the BBC refuse to do despite having bureaus in Havana and that’s report the unvarnished truth about the dictatorship that rules Cuba. You mentioned that Cuban musicians fall into the insidious trap of self-censorship. I suppose I understand, they have no where to go and no moral obligation to speak out. But those presumed journalistic institutions fall into the self-censorship trap to maintain access to the corrupt regime. It’s a sickening indictment on them as journalists that you could go to Cuba for a few days, assess the situation, return and report it 100% accurately and thoroughly. I wish you the best, sir and thank you.

  2. Very nice your post, im from Cuba too bro, my name is Camilo and i m the manager of the cuban metal band PROTESYS. We are from Las far from havana but we were several times in Maxim Rock.

  3. Our band suffers every day of the abuse of the system, I want to clarify that our band has Protesys convertirce in a professional band but as the metal is a genre that is discriminate in Cuba we have no rights to play in any side and we can not make money by playing our music.
    Furthermore, our lyrics are very critical and hard on society and this is one of the strongest reasons that PROTESYS is censored … by the way our first demo called CENSORSHIP.

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