Libertad!: Cuban Metal Bands Get Their First Taste of Freedom

After spending their lives making extreme music under oppressive circumstances, a handful of Cuban bands–with the help of a writer and filmmaker–finally got a chance to play in the U.S. The hardest part: deciding if they could ever go home again.

Buzzfeed, August 28, 2013


Extreme Heavy Metal in Cuba

In March, I went to Cuba to write a story for SPIN about the metal scene there. The story is out in the May/June issue, which is available in most places already, though not in Cuba, or on SPIN’s website (yet). PRI’s “The World” was kind enough to talk to me about the story during pledge week, when most public radio listeners are frantically searching the dial for something else to listen to that won’t make them feel guilty. Also, enjoy the photo and see if you can possibly guess which one of those frightening-looking men is me.

PRI’s “The World,” April 25, 2012