Libertad!: Cuban Metal Bands Get Their First Taste of Freedom

August 30, 2013


After spending their lives making extreme music under oppressive circumstances, a handful of Cuban bands–with the help of a writer and filmmaker–finally got a chance to play in the U.S. The hardest part: deciding if they could ever go home again.

Buzzfeed, August 28, 2013

Part Ramones Biography, Part Dreamscape

August 23, 2013

New York Times, August 8, 2013

The Man Behind the Historic Implosion of the Ex-Gay Movement

August 23, 2013

Alan Chambers wasn’t just the leader of Exodus International, he was also a member. When he shut down the ministry network this summer, foes and allies alike debated whether this was a tipping point for conservative Christians’ acceptance of homosexuality or merely a symptom of his own inability to practice what he preached.

Buzzfeed, August 22, 2013