The Man Behind the Historic Implosion of the Ex-Gay Movement

Alan Chambers wasn’t just the leader of Exodus International, he was also a member. When he shut down the ministry network this summer, foes and allies alike debated whether this was a tipping point for conservative Christians’ acceptance of homosexuality or merely a symptom of his own inability to practice what he preached.

Buzzfeed, August 22, 2013


One thought on “The Man Behind the Historic Implosion of the Ex-Gay Movement

  1. I am just wondering what you are all about. You are one of the few people left on the planet that would go to such levels to support Alan Chambers and his killings of Teens. Most people have let him be in his next pursuit of fame, but you seem very taken with him. You and BUZZ FEED.
    I will do some research as I am sincerely trying to figure this out at this point why even the most extreme homophobe would want to promote him. But maybe you could take a second a let me know.

    Jack Jett

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