What Happens When a Heritage Act Wants More Than Playing the Hits?

Tears for Fears are returning with their first new album in 18 years. The group is one of a number of veteran bands releasing fresh music after lengthy pauses.

New York Times, February 25, 2022


3 thoughts on “What Happens When a Heritage Act Wants More Than Playing the Hits?

  1. Open Note to David: You don’t know me, and our paths have never crossed. I felt compelled to share with you that I found your NYT profile on Tears for Fears (and others) both moving and literary. You addressed the deeper issues behind the art and humanity of music. And, though not intended perhaps, your article in and of itself plucked one of my favorite duets from the heap of heritage to the arena of enduring relevance. Well done.

    1. Thanks so much. Sorry, I’m just seeing this really kind note now. I tend to just archive these stories on this website and then rarely look at them again. But it was a really great boost to read your note this morning. Hope you’re well.

  2. David, I loved your piece in the NYT about Tears for Fears. The Tipping Point deserves all the attention it’s getting. Legacy artists largely fueled the vinyl resurrection and also Record Store Day, the subject of my new book (out April 12) subtitled ‘The Most Improbable Comeback of the the 21st Century’. https://rarebirdlit.com/record-store-day-the-most-improbable-comeback-of-the-21st-century-deluxe-hardcover-by-larry-jaffee/ & https://recordstoreday.com/NewsItem/9957 Maybe a story for you? 917-291-2488

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