Tunisian Revolutionary Rap

My burgeoning radio career continues. I recently returned from ten days in Tunisia, researching a story on Tunisian rap and its role in the revolution there. (Look for the story in Spin in the coming months.) While I was there, I spoke to my new best friend Marco Werman from PRI’s “The World” about the subject. This post also marks the debut of my considerable, uh, talents as a photographer. The photos below the link were snapped by me with my trusty camera-phone.

PRI’s “The World,” May 18, 2011

Street art in Regueb dedicated to the martyrs who died there in clashes with government forces during the revolution
El General in Sfax
Lak3y in Bizerte
Graffiti in Sidi Bouzid, about 50 meters from where fruitseller Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire and sparked the Arab Spring uprisings
The 24 Records crew at a cafe in Fouchana City, near Tunis.

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