Second Acts

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll is a tough regimen to maintain, especially when compounded by fickle labels, shady management and (gulp!) encroaching maturity. DAVID PEISNER tracked down 44 grizzled vets from SPIN’s 25 years to find out how they left the road behind to chase a dream even more elusive than stardom: sanity.

Rat Scabies, Damned drummer turned Holy Grail hunter

Peter Garrett, Midnight Oil frontman turned Australian MP

Jesse Peretz, Lemonheads bassist turned film director 

Jesse Sandoval, Shins drummer turned gourmet food cart vendor

Brix Smith-Start, Fall guitarist turned fashion guru

Jack Grisham, TSOL frontman turned hypnotherapist/sobriety coach

Bragi Olafsson, Sugarcubes bassist turned novelist

Gary Valentine Lachman, Blondie bassist/guitarist turned author

Spin Magazine, March 2010


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