Why White Supremacists Support Barack Obama

How do racists, anti-Semites and all-purpose hate-mongers view the possibility of America’s first black president? Not necessarily the way you think they would.

Esquire, June 2008


One thought on “Why White Supremacists Support Barack Obama

  1. These must be the Whits that kiss up to other ethnic groups. Which by the way I can’t stand them either. Heres to all you whites that to me are not true to their color. If your a True white like me then stand up for what you believe and not pretend. Other wise get off the band wagon and shut the hell up. One thing I can stand is wanna bee’s. I am a True White American and Proud of it. I hate what is happening to this once great nation and the time will come when all this nonsense will be taken care of. By the way if you bleed RED, WHITE, and BLUE like me then your a TWA

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