Captive Audience: The Music Business in America’s Prisons


Until very recently the country’s incarcerated were living in a world of Walkmans, radios and cassette tapes. But finally, things are changing. SPIN goes behind bars to investigate how music makes its way inside prisons, who puts it there and what it means to inmates.

Spin, May 9, 2013


The Sound of Pain: Radio Interviews

In my ongoing effort to make this website a comprehensive survey of my least embarrassing work, here are links to two appearances I made on public radio to talk about my December 2006 story in Spin called “War Is Loud.” Listening back to them now, I’m not even positive that everything I’m saying is 100% correct, but I certainly sound sure of myself, which apparently counts for something.

“The Sound Of Pain”: NPR’s “On The Media,” September 14, 2007

“Interrogation Music”: PRI’s “The World,” May 4, 2008